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Perth Metro Pipe Band - Recruiting 2013 - 2014 March 23, 2013 17:23


One of Perth's fasted growing and most successful pipe bands is on another recruitment drive before they attend the 2014 Australian Championships.

Pipers and Drummers of all levels are urged to contact the band and register your interest.

WAPOL back in Concert. February 23, 2013 23:42

After previous years of cancelled Concerts and functions, the WA Police Pipe Band have locked in the Quarry.. The pipe band community of WA are eager to hear the band under its new leadership, lets hope its a clear dry night.

The first major event for the Grade 1 Western Australia Police Pipe Band with recently appointed Pipe-Major James Murray in charge will be a concert on March 13th in Perth, recorded live for the group's ninth recording.

Murray became pipe-major late in 2012 after emigrating from Scotland, where he led the Grade 1 Fife Constabulary Pipe Band, which followed his long tenure with Shotts & Dykehead.

According to the band, Murray, the 1997 Argyllshire Gathering Highland Society of London Gold Medallist, has worked to pull together a diverse selection of material for the concert, visiting all genres of music, including "a mix of rock, jazz and folk."

Priced at AUS$40 a ticket, the concert will be at the natural Quarry Amphitheatre.

Tuition & Tutors in Australia February 23, 2013 23:16 1 Comment

Learners and lower grade players in Australia are unfortunately going without much needed tuition from Qualified experienced Instructors. 
This is without a doubt a concerning situation if we are to keep the art of piping and drumming alive in Australia and be capable of producing high calibre players and bands in the future.

It is of major concern that we lose talented and highly experienced players to retirement, who are just fed up with the scene and its narrow minded approach. If we dont start listening to these people and making changes to move forward with the times, our little scene will eventually become extinct.

What is your State going to do about it??

If your looking for Tutors or a Band to join, look at the long term benefits for you and where you want to see yourself in 5 years. Make sure you are getting the best tuition available.

We still have a few Qualified and competent Instructors in Australia, the catch is, you have to pay for them. And as the old saying goes "you get what you pay for"