AXIAL Pipe Band Drums


Axial is the brand new range of advanced technology pipe band drums from the British Drum Co.

Handcrafted in the UK to British Drum Co.’s highest standards, the Axial range represents a seminal moment in the evolution of pipe band drums. Featuring a snare drum, tenor drum and bass drum, the Axial range is both visually stunning and technically impressive.

Axial is the high-tension snare drum reinvented!

Axial takes the concept of a high-tension, free-floating system to unsurpassed levels of innovation and performance.

Each drum is handbuilt using our unique cold-press moulding process to create an 8ply grade A Scandinavian Birch shell and features our revolutionary N-Circle™ bearing edge system. Axial hardware has been designed and precision engineered using low-mass, high-strength metals for optimum functionality.

Every Axial drum is supplied with a British Drum Co. Magnetik marching drum key as standard.



Cold-press moulding is the key to the British Drum Co. signature sound. As the name suggests, it is a procedure that eliminates the use of heat in the shell building process.

Worth the wait

Drawing on our rich experience in woodworking and drum shell manufacture, we believe it is the best way to handcraft our drums. Cold-press moulding maintains the optimum sonic qualities of the wood which would otherwise be compromised by the addition of a heated process. It does mean our drums take a little longer than most to create, but we believe this gentle, crafted approach is rewarded by a far superior tone. The resulting sound is well worth the wait.

The Perfect Fit

Every drum is hand built by skilled craftsmen. The shells are precision-cut to achieve the desired thickness. When our craftsmen hear the ‘click’ of each ply accurately fitting into place, we know we have achieved the perfect fit. Cold-press moulding is the heart of the British Drum Co. signature sound.

British Drum Co. drums are regarded as the finest shells by Rhythm Magazine.

“The shells are flawless resulting in a versatile professional sound.”