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Ozscot Bagpipes & Highland Supplies is a West Australian owned and operated business. 

The company was established by Samantha and James Cowie in 2001 and from inception has been a home-based / online business which customers can visit for advice in the eastern suburbs of Perth. We are the only professional retail outlet in WA that's sole focus is Piping & Drumming, we concentrate on what we know best!!   

Over the years Ozscot has provided services throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA and Asia.

The strength of Ozscot is that the owners also play the Instruments, this guarantees our customers that any products that are stocked and sold, are only those that have been tried and tested from over 25yrs of experience playing at the Grade One level in Pipe Bands.

Our manufacturers and suppliers of instruments, products & maintenance items are hand-picked to ensure only quality products are supplied to our customers.

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Profiles:- James Cowie - Piping Professional

James started piping in Victoria Australia after emigrating from Fort William, Scotland. 

James was taught by the late William Bruce, an excellent teacher who was responsible for many of the talented youth that came through Victorian bands in his time.
James joined the Moorabbin City Pipe Band at 11yrs old and as a 14-year-old was the Pipe Major for 2 years, due to Bill becoming ill. Two years later James was playing at his first World Championships in Grade One in 1994. 

James returned from Scotland and joined the Victoria Police Pipe Band, where he was subjected to the highest standard available in the country. His standard improved dramatically and learnt the finer points of the bagpipe set up and tuning from the world best sound men, Robert Crozier & Ross Bates. 

In 1996 James left Victoria to pursue a carrier in Western Australia and joined the Western Australia Police Service. 

On joining the WA Police Pipe Band, James soon worked his way through to Leading the band forward to its most successful years to date.

In 1997 James was promoted to Pipe Major and lead the WA Police Pipe Band for 11 years. 

In 1998 at 21yrs of age James took WAPOL to Glasgow and won the World Pipe Band Championship in Grade 2 on the bands first attempt. James is the youngest Pipe Major to lead a band to victory at this level.

In 2001 WAPOL travelled to the United States and competed for the first time in Grade One overseas in Alma, Michigan. Against the 78th Fraser Highlanders and Toronto Police, the band won the 2001 US Open Championships Grade 1 Trophy. 

In 2003 & 2004 WAPOL embarked on the tough challenge of competing at the World Pipe Band Championships in Grade One. Each of the years WAPOL had to qualify in a very tight field of 14 bands for 5 spots. In 2003 WAPOL were not successful in qualifying and returned home to Australia and recorded one of its best CD Albums to date. 

In 2004 WAPOL returned to Scotland and Qualified, James lead the band into the Final of the WORLDS and the band finished 11 overall. Since 2004 this result is yet to be beaten by an Australian Grade One Band. 

In 2007 James resigned from the WA Police Service.

James then started a local pipe band, Perth Metro Pipe Band in mid 2007. Teaching beginners and also players that have come from lower grade bands, James challenges them to achieve their goals as they continue to build the standard of Piping and Drumming here in WA.

Perth Metro grew from inception of 4 members to today (60+ members) with international guests player also choosing to be part of the team. 

A stand out goal achievement set by the band - On the 13th August 2016, James led the Perth Metro Pipe Band to success at the World Pipe Band Championships, taking 1st Place in 3B. Another first for Western Australia and James now holds the honour of the only Pipe Major to hold two world championships in Australia.

Maintaining Personal Standard

To keep up with the high standard required to play at the Grade One Level, James competes Internationally.

From 2005 - 2009 James played with the Grade 1 Australia Highlanders Pipe Band from Melbourne on their trips to Scotland.

In 2010 James played in the front rank of Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band (Scotland), this was one of his major goals as a young piper to play next to Pipe Major Robert Mathieson. 

James is also a guest Player with the WA Police Pipe Band Grade One and plays interstate and Internationally when required. In 2016 James will perform with WAPOL to defend their Australian Championship title and bring it once again, back to Western Australia.

In 2017 James will played with the Peel Regional Police of Canada as a guest player to share his knowledge and playing ability.

James is well known for his ability to produce a remarkable pipe sound and to set up bands to produce the tonal quality required to achieve success.

James is available for workshops to demonstrate all facets of piping and ensemble.


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