Wallace - Classic 5 Engraved (Fully Assembled)


Wallace Classic 5 Engraved
Fully Assembled ready to play. Bag, Reeds, Drone Cords, Cover & Carry Case

  • Comb & Beaded African Blackwood
  • African Blackwood Projection Mounts
  • Beaded & Enclosed Engraved Nickel Ferrules
  • Beaded & Enclosed Engraved Nickel Ringcaps
  • Engraved Nickel Slides
  • Poly Pipe Chanter

Manufactured from the finest African Blackwood
Made from the finest African blackwood here in our Glasgow production facility the wood is moisture free, matured and fully prepared prior to machining under strict ISO9001 quality like systems and procedures.
Concentricity and straightness guaranteed
We give you "The Best of Both Worlds" combining CNC & manual machining operation with all parts fully tested prior to assembly. Our unique boring technique produces a level of finish that is of the highest standards with concentricity and straightness guaranteed.
Supplied either stick only or fully assembled, it's your choice
All of our bagpipes can be supplied either sticks only or fully assembled ready to play with fittings of your choice and are guaranteed for a period of two years from the date of purchase, proof of purchase may be required.
Certificate of Authenticity
All new Wallace Bagpipes come with a Certificate of Authenticity.