The Ross Suede Canister Pipe Bag is the result of an extensive amount of research, trial and error, and the desire to produce a major upgrade from our previous bags and canister system. The Ross Suede Pipe Bag offers pipers a combination of great comfort, feel and harmonics, and moisture control that is unequalled in the bagpipe world. The bag can be played without a canister system of course, and for drier blowers this basic setup might well be sufficient. Yet it is the implementation of the canister drying system that takes this bag to the highest level of moisture control, and has been used to great benefit by thousands of pipers throughout the world already.

The new Ross Suede Canister Pipe Bag has some major improvements over our previous bags:

1. Much greater comfort and "feel" to the bags, with a vibrance that is on a par with sheepskin pipe bags

2. Highly breathable, meaning faster moisture transfer from inside the bag to the outside

3. Has a much more flexible and free moving zip, for easier opening/closing

4. Stocks are more easily inserted and removed

5. The new canister design enables the canisters to be connected and removed with much greater ease

6. Inside the canister there is an extra 50% more space for granules for the bass drone, which requires more drying than the tenor drones

7. Air-flow to each of the drones and chanter can be regulated to allow extra moisture to pass through via external colour coded rings

8. There is a 2 year warranty on the bags from the date of purchase

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