MacLellan Bagpipes


Roddy MacLellan: Artisan maker of the highest quality Great Highland Bagpipes and Chanters. Born in Scotland Made in the USA #BespokeBagpipes

All of our bagpipes are crafted from the finest materials, using traditional skills learned in Scotland. Attention to detail & dedication to the highest standards of quality, guarantee a bagpipe that is more than just a musical instrument, but also a work of art. We invite you to look at some of the most unique and distinctive bagpipes to be found anywhere.
At MacLellan bagpipes, we don't strive to be the biggest, fastest, or the cheapest. We do, however, meticulously craft a small number of the best-sounding and most beautiful-looking bagpipes each month. MacLellan bagpipes have followed this philosophy since its beginning in 1988. Over the years we have gradually established a solid reputation for rich, warm & stable tone, created with incredible craftsmanship, and instruments of heirloom quality and unparalleled beauty.

Custom Design your bagpipe by choosing the drone profile, the projecting mounts, then your metalwork.

Determine your final cost by selecting your profile and wood, then add metalwork costs and other accessories such as pipe bag, reeds, cords, and cover.

All sets come with the Delrin band chanter which can be upgraded to Blackwood or Cocobolo.

Full silver sets will have the Blackwood or Cocobolo chanter as standard.

We can also do custom design and build one-of-a-kind instruments.

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