Blair Digital Chanter


The Blair Digital Chanter features world-class bagpipe sounds, real holes for an amazing playing experience. The sounds have been recorded in a real-life piping environment and it’s a truly authentic instrument that can be used in any piping environment.

The Blair Digital Chanter is always in tune and offers an adjustable pitch range of 440-486Hz. Simply adjust to play along with your pipe band, favorite piping CD or another music group amongst other instruments. Even play along with your fellow pipers at band.

The Blair Digital Chanter also includes a Metronome with a volume control which can be adjusted to blend in appropriately with your pipe sound. The Metronome has 2 distinct percussion sounds (real percussion instruments!) with 8 selectable beat patterns from for where the accent will fall.

Modern features
• Smart single button control for selecting and editing menus
• Large OLED display for viewing settings and functions
• USB rechargeable battery which can provide up to 6hours of playing, depending on your settings and usage.
• MIDI, connect to an iPad, PC so you can continue playing ‘bagpipe fingering’ but generate the sounds of other instruments such as violins, synthesisers, guitars, brass instruments – any Midi instrument! For example Garageband.
• Aircraft-grade aluminium mountings complete with Blair logo, or exquisite premium hand-engraved mountings by the worlds best artists.  (Victorian design).

World-class sounds
Highland Bagpipes
Scottish Smallpipes
Practice Chanter
Adjustable settings
Drone volume (Tenor/ Bass on Highland Bagpipe)
Pitch range 440 -486hz
Metronome, 8 beat patterns and volume
Audio output 3.5mm
USB (MIDI, recharging battery and updating software)
Rechargeable battery

What’s in the box
1x Blair Digital Chanter
1x high-quality case made by Bagpiper case
1x USB lead
1x Instruction manual

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