AXIAL Snare Drums





Here at British Drum Co., we are extremely proud of our Axial Series pipe band drums.

At the outset of this project, our goal was to develop the next-generation technology for pipe band drums. We wanted to create a product range that would change perceptions of pipe band drums, using a combination of cutting-edge design and engineering whilst maintaining the handcrafted traditions of the drum-making craft.

The team at the heart of the Axial project represents the epitome of world-class pipe band drumming expertise. British Drum Co.’s International Marching Specialist and 16 times World Solo Drumming Champion, Jim Kilpatrick MBE, worked alongside Design Engineering Manager Alan Kitching and CEO, Keith Keough to pool their skills and experience. Starting from a blank page and working through endless iterations, the team tirelessly strived to create the remarkable technology that resulted in Axial.

The response to Axial has been universally positive. Players have embraced the advanced features in the drums, welcoming the balance between trustworthy functionality and futuristic aesthetics. 


Our reputation continues to attract global players and performers who recognise the high quality of the drums we make and embrace our values of supporting the pipe band world at the very highest levels.


We hold true to our mission to create pipe band drums that look amazing, sound amazing and make you feel amazing!

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