Andante T Key


The Andante T-key can be used on Andante snare, tenor, and bass drums. 


Tuning using a T-key

Refitting Head in Top Assembly

Fit head in the Top Tension Ring.

The edge of the fulcrum ring and the inside of the head should be lightly lubricated with Vaseline each time the head is replaced.

The thread and head of the tension screws should be lubricated with Vaseline each time they are removed.

Fit Top Head and Tension Ring to Fulcrum Ring and start screws in threads by hand making sure each one turns without restriction.

Cross tighten 4 Screws at right angles to take up initial slack.

If you do not have a Torque Limiter the following would be required, tighten each screw in half turns in a clockwise direction from Tension Screw 1 to 20.  Make sure of exactly which screw you start from and make certain to stop on Screw number 20, this means you have to tighten from 1-20 several times until the drum head starts to come in tune.

From this point adjust each screw 1/4 turn or less until head reaches required pitch.

The screws should be tightened no further until the drum has been played for approximately 1 hour.

Refitting Head in Bottom Assembly

A similar process as instructed for the top head should be used for refitting the bottom head.

By lightly tapping the Bottom head with a drumstick, about an inch/25mm in from the bearing edge towards the centre, you can determine if the head is tensioned.  You will then here a pitch sound, and as you tighten the head you will hear the pitch changing.

It is very difficult to explain how the pitch should sound, probably the best is to adjust one drum until it is satisfactory and then tune all of the drums in turn.  Using the drum you have tuned to the desired pitch tighten the remaining bottom heads until they sound all the same.

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