Protect your Pipes. Protect your Sound.

Included with purchase:

  • 2-way humidity control
  • Built-in Hygrometer
  • Interior gel pack
  • *Case is carry-on luggage size (we recommend storing your pipes disassembled for flights)
  • Padded compartment designed for different sized drones
  • TSA lock
  • Comfortable leather handle
  • Durable wheels
  • Up to 16-inch laptop and/or sheet music pocket
  • Plastic ID holder
  • Adjustable and hideable shoulder straps 
  • Extendable aluminium trolley with comfortable black handle
  • Expandable water bottle/phone compartment
  • Total of 8 pockets!
  • 6 mesh zipper pockets for your piping tools, practice chanter and drone brushes

There’s no need to sacrifice style for protection when it comes to your bagpipes. Crafted with high-quality durable, water-resistant material alongside 2-way humidity control with an interior gel pack, Tone Temple's™ unique design was made to protect your pipes and tone.

Pipes can change depending on the climate and location above sea level. The Tone Temple Bagpipe Case has a revolutionary internal humidity control system to provide the optimal environment to transport and store your instrument. Climate conditions change regardless of your location, even just walking from one room to another in the same building, this is where the Tone Temple Bagpipe case comes in.

Travelling on a plane with a standard pipe case will leave your pipes dry and requiring extra effort to restore them back to working order upon arrival. The Tone Temple Bagpipe Case will protect your pipes and help maintain the sound that you worked so hard to produce before you left home. The same goes when storing your pipes in low humidity environments like homes where the heat or the air conditioning are on all the time or in desert-like conditions. Maintaining a proper humidity balance works the other way also; the gel packs in the special pocket inside the case can extract a measure of moisture in high humidity environments. Also, and most importantly, there is a built-in Hygrometer mounted on the outside of the case to allow you to monitor the environment on the inside of the case. You may want to purchase a few extra gel packs if you live in a particularly dry climate.


* All accessories and musical instruments photographed with the case are for example purposes only and are not included with purchase.
*Tone Temple™ Bagpipe Case was designed as a standard airport carry-on size. We cannot guarantee that the bagpipe case will fit in the overhead compartment by all airlines internationally as certain airlines use smaller planes for short or rural flights.

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